Submit Your App for Review by Yubico

This document defines the criteria for submitting and testing external (customer) iOS apps via TestFlight for Yubico review as part of the MFi iOS app submission process.

As part of the YubiKey-enabled iOS App Submission Process, Yubico is requesting customers to submit their apps via TestFlight so that our team can review the app and test how it interacts with the YubiKey 5Ci.

What is TestFlight?

TestFlight is an Apple beta testing platform that lets you distribute beta builds of your app to internal or external testers before releasing to the App Store. You can enable TestFlight beta testing for up to 100 apps at one time in your App Store Connect account and share with up to 25 internal testers and up to 10,000 external app testers.

How it Works

To get your app published to TestFlight for beta testers, you first need to upload your app to App Store Connect via Xcode. Apple does a bit of validation and then within App Store Connect, a TestFlight section is available to share your app build with internal or external testers. Follow these four steps to get your build uploaded and shared via TestFlight:

  1. Upload your app to App Store Connect via Xcode
  2. Launch App Store Connect
  3. Add Yubico as a TestFlight External Tester
  4. Share the build you uploaded with the external tester group
Getting Started

Upload Your App to App Store Connect

Before you can publish your beta app to TestFlight for review by Yubico as an external tester, you first need to submit your app build to App Store Connect via Xcode.

  1. Open your project in Xcode 10+ and make sure this build has the correct Bundle Identifier that you provided Yubico for whitelisting.
  2. Choose Generic iOS Device in the scheme chooser, then choose Product > Archive:
    Responsive image
  3. Select your Archive and choose Distribute App
    Responsive image
  4. Select App Store for method of distribution, choose Next.
    Responsive image
  5. Select Upload as a destination, choose Next.
    Responsive image
  6. Select Next a few more times and choose your defaults.
  7. After successfully uploading, choose Done.
    Responsive image

Where did your build go? The uploaded build is now in App Store Connect. Let’s go check it out. Everything else will be done in the App Store Connect portal.

App Store Connect

App Store Connect is a suite of web-based tools for managing apps sold on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iMessage. As a member of the Apple Developer Program, you’ll use App Store Connect to submit and manage apps, invite users to test with TestFlight and more...

  1. Launch Safari browser and log into the App Store Connect using your Apple Developer credentials.
  2. Select your app under My Apps
  3. Select TestFlight tab
Add Yubico as a TestFlight External Tester


  • Responsive image
  • Give the group a name and select Create.
    Responsive image
  • Select tester group from list, then select ‘+’ and Add New Testers
    Responsive image
  • In the “Add New Testers to the Group...” dialog, add the Yubico tester email provided during your submission and choose Add.
    Responsive image

You now have an external group with an external tester setup. Now we add the recent app build to your tester group.

Share Your App with Yubico via TestFlight

In TestFlight tab, select your build version under Builds > iOS

Responsive image
  1. Select ‘+’ next to Group.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the tester group.
  3. Select Add.
Responsive image

Once you add the new build to a tester group, all the testers in that group will be notified.

Please Note: To make your beta builds available to external users, your beta app may require an Apple Beta App Review. When you add the first build of your app to a group, the build gets sent to beta app review to make sure it follows the App Store Review Guidelines. This usually takes about two business days. A review is only required for the first build and subsequent builds may not need a full review. Yubico can begin testing once a build is approved and TestFlight notifies us.

Yubico Review Process

Yubico’s Integration Program will use TestFlight to review your submitted app according to the submission guidelines and respond with an approval decision or request for changes. If the app is not approved, you will receive a response with the reason and request for modifications (if any) to your app before submitting the app for approval again.

If approved, you will receive our YubiKey 5Ci Product Plan ID (PPID) and further instructions for providing this PPID with your app submission to the Apple App Store for review.

Apple App Store Review

Once your beta TestFlight app has been reviewed and approved by Yubico, you will need to include the YubiKey 5Ci Product Plan ID (PPID) in the notes section of your submission to the Apple App Store. Be aware that it may take up to seven days to sync the Yubico approval with the Apple App Store review team. Apple will then approve or reject your app submission independently of Yubico. For quick approval, be sure to follow Apple’s guidelines for iOS apps!